Amazon has emerged as the top recruiter at IIM-A.

E-commerce giant is making big strides in the recruitment sector in India.IIM-A has emerged as the top institution for the same.

The consulting domain has been ruling the roost and with the online retailer McKinney been touted as the top of the firms in the recruitment sector.


Among st the highest recruiter Goldman Sachs has been the top one which has picked up almost nine students.In the marketing and the sales domain,HUL was the lead followed by Procter and GAMBLE with Johnson and Samsung following suit.There were more than 100 firms which has participated in the placement process along with various recruitment firms.


The prominent bankers included-




Credit Sussie


Deutsche Bank


Goldman Sachs


JP Morgan


Kotak IB.


How were the placement process conducted?


The placement process were conducted through two stages the first one being in the lateral stage and the next being in the final placement offers.


It interviewed the students with prior work experience and more than 30 firms were hired from the diverse sectors such as technology,consulting and Pharmacy.

There have been many number of applications around and it is possible that they can be made into a subsequent cluster.


The entrepreneurship process-


There are sometimes students who opt for the entrepreneurship process to work on their own ventures.

The overall placements were concluded with the consulting firms and the e-commerce majors which grabbed the top spot and closed all the job sectors.


Companies at the same time offered a varied number of diverse roles which were challenging and at same time also exciting for the students.



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