Google has blocked irrelevant ads from its news feeds.So what is in store further?

Advertising has become a very important part of various companies.It is a must used tool and should be projected in the right manner to stay ahead of the curve.

But as ads gets more and more prevalent,it can add as an obstruction or a distraction for users.


What is the result of this?

Many of the web users have installed ad-blocking software to ward off unnecessary ads which has uncountable countdowns and which has the capacity to obscure the content you actually want to see.


What is Google’s take on this?


On Thursday, Google did the unthinkable.The company made an update on its browser so that it can ban default ads on any of the mobile devices and desktop computers.


What will the change account for?


The change will improve the average person’s internet quality time and also the internet day.It will also give the tech giant more greater role in shaping the web.


What is the update about?


It is not a universal ad blocker.


But it is only a filter.It will only affect those websites which allows for any type of desktop ads and eight types of mobile ads which is established by a group called COALITION FOR better ads.


HOW IS IT going to be helpful?


It will keep the entire ecosystem of the web healthy and will significantly ask for a better user experience.

Chrome is there to protect the advertisers business and it will be of much use behind the web browser.


What’s more it will also improve the web experience for everyone.


What is the industry’s outlook on this?


The update has been gladly accepted by the industry,and seems to be like a win-win situation for publishers,advisers and many users alike.


The new filter will soon roll out gradually for the hundreds of millions of users.





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