Which will be the most demanding job in tech?

If history is to be considered there are different eras where there have been different types of productivity in the industry.In the 80’S it was the stock broker who gained importance,in the 90’s it was the computer programmer and for the last decade it has been the data scientist.


Soon the next industrial revolution will take place and will make way for long term growth prospects.

What may be considered as a low paying job can be the mos trending job at one hand.


Jobs gather momentum take the pace and disappear.What was considered as a high level job once can be considered as a low paying job in the next decade.

Humans are more capable of doing 3 main jobs which the robots are missing and that is creativity,communications and empathy.


As we delve deeper into the automation age the fear of robots replacing humans will likely come true.

However the last of the three should be considered as the most important. As empathy will surely be missing in the robots.


Mutual understanding is what makes us human,which is missing in robots.The adoption of empathy is unique and should be the traditional approach while adopting it.

The Empathy economy is a spin on the new job fronts.It will arise as a result of the traditional job loss.


UBER,Air BNB have relied on the asset ownership and also asset lending.


We see core 3 opportunities with the Empathy Economy-


Services which augment human economy-

A CRM tools enables the employees to recognize instantly that when do they walk in the door and remember the various details of the life.


Services which also build empathy-

A stimulated environment puts the employees through various gruelling sessions to understand why another one feels it the way and learn to differentiate a human touch.


Market places that buy buyers and sellers of empathy-


Freelance customer service experts are av liable for various human tasks that require a human touch and also enhance a particular service.


So in all today’s business must adopt automation technologies and also embrace human empathy to keep a balance and also automate the various processes s.



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