Product sampling in E-commerce.How should you go about it?

Effective marketing channels are more and more turning into product sampling as their ultimate marketing activities.




It helps create brand awareness,increase sales and also builds customer loyalty and does something which no marketing effort can do.


Puts something physical in the hands of the consumer.(the product itself)


And it works and how!

In this blog we take an in-depth look at what product sampling means and how should strategic and build a unique product sampling marketing technique.


How are smart marketeers making the best use of product sampling techniques?


Why is product sampling important in E-commerce?


Freebies are a much sought after products for any kind of consumer.Who does not like free samples being given?


They are a sure shot way of marketing your brand and also putting your message across the consumers.With the rise of social media,product sampling has become a core part of the marketing strategy and also an important one.From the consumer packaged goods to technology,to apparels a number of brands across the industries are leveraging product sampling as their effective marketing strategy.


But the biggest advantage of product sampling is that it is used to generate reviews and ratings and also consumer generated content.


It asks the consumers that whether they would like to experience a product and also give their honest feedback on it.

This allows the brands to amplify the content and use it to their advantage.


Which are the most common and used product sampling strategies in e-commerce?


Before starting a sampling campaign you need to ask yourself three questions-


What do you want to accomplish?


Do you have a clear objective of what you want and how you want?


What is your target audience?


How to identify the right people in your group?


And finally are you doing it correctly for the right people?


Here we give you a tip-


Start with your best customers.They are like the brand advocates of your products.They are the ones who take your brand forward and know what are they actually selling.


These features help in brand loyalty and also puts the right people in the right position and in the right place.

Successful sampling strategies for E-commerce-


SAMPLING for reviews-

Reviews are very important when it comes to selling products and up scaling your competitor.It is also a unique way to collect more reviews for your brand advantage.

It also influences the purchase opinion of people and is great marketing technique.


New Product launch-

A lot goes into new product launches and word of the mouth is normally a technique for such type of product launches.

Before your product is ready for launching you can send the product samples and in exchange receive their reviews.


Social Media-

It plays an important role in new product launches and gives an instant leverage to your products.


Product sampling if done right will work wonders and will surely augment your business expansion in the right way.





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