How will Japan’s robots revolutionize the digital transformation?

Japan is a leader in digital technology or so the world thinks so.It can be seen through some of their technologies as they are the most advanced in the world.The consumer culture of Japan is also more open to the rest of the technology in the world.


So the companies in the country have started to embrace digital transformation.


What is the future of Japan?


Many experts are of the view that the country has tremendous potential for a great digital transformation.There is also significant evidence which supports the fact that Japan will be a leader in the future of development and digital transformation and will also make great strides the way people view technology.


Why does Japan stands out like a shining beacon among others?


Another reason why Japan will be a leader in the digital sector is that a shrinking workforce armed with growing need of elderly care.


The approach towards machines is different in Japan.There is also a growing need of elderly care.They are also thought of quality companions.


This is largely due to the fact that Japan will most likely be a leader in the shrinking workforce and that the majority of the workforce have believe in Shinto which means animism which means objects having spirits.This acceptance of robots as care givers can be seen through out the country.


What have the other factors contributed to the robots culture of Japan?


There is also one fact that not many foreigners immigrate to Japan and in the US over 13% of the population is that of the foreigners.

In Japan the number is ranked below 15%.

So with fewer working adults and even more fewer caretakers robots are soon going to be a necessity in Japan.


What is the road ahead?


There is going to be a digital boom for technological transformation in Japan.


Accenture is one company where there are driving robotic innovation for driving growth and transformation.It has opened a centre in Tokyo where it welcomes innovators.They are experts in everything right from digital hub start -ups,business professionals and also entrepreneurs.They also host seminars who form the local community and also hold workshops for those people who are interested in the digital technology transformation.


How do Japanese companies work?

These companies face a lot of competition while delivering outstanding customer experiences and  operate in a smarter and a more efficient way rather than from the back-end operations and the supply chain management.










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