Get ready for a fourth industrial revolution.Pod casts are set to rule.

Which are the best pod casts of the year 2018?


Pod casts are set to rule the stage like never before.They will become an integral part of your daily lives sooner than you think.Their function are not just limited to listening but a lot of more important things.


Which are the ruling pod casts of 2018?


Reply All-


What is Reply All?


Internet culture and the way it is changing.


This concept of pod casts accommodates all the facets of life.It is quite a niche culture,the concept features all the facets of life.


Unfiltered by James O-Brien


What is it about?

It is a like a Chat box which includes conversations of various public figures with the journalist. James O’ BRIEN.


Because it is not just your average celebrity chat showcases the different lives and the different experiences which one can encounter during their lifetime.


The show is weekly and sometimes it can also come on the weekends.


Heavy weight-


What is it about?


Everyone faces life changing moments in his\her life and how they go about accepting this change is all about the podcast is about.


Each episode in this is a self contained story and how the different stories are celebrated is showcased in these pod casts.

Different perceptions of people are shown in this story and how the users are influenced positively by them.


Hardcore History-


A deep dive into some fascinating facts of history and also discussing the rich cultural heritage.


It will be a fun outing for you if you ever like listening to history and the past.Each of the episodes are packed with facts,quotes and various analysis.


The Political Party


What is it about?


This is a podcast from a political spectrum and takes a fun take on the political arena.


It is usually a half and hour comedy and comes on a monthly basis.


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