Florida SCHOOL shooting.Is gun ownership in US responsible the shooting outrages?

Terror returned once again to the Florida region of the United States as an ex- student,Nicolas Cruz went on a shooting spree in a school in Florida.It was one of the largest schools in the States.



He opened fire on Wednesday killing 17 people as he has been expelled by the school for disciplinary reasons.

He showed up at the end of the school day with a semi-automatic assault rifle loaded with lot of ammunition.

The police later arrested him at a place called Coral Springs.


What was his background like?


He was a troubled school child and a jilted lover.He has also posted very disturbing messages on his social media handle on the Instagram account.He has a history of handling a lot of school problems.


He was also a troubled kid who has fire arms at home and he used to talk about them.

The shooter has also had a lot of other problems.Psychological as well as emotional issues.He also surrendered to the police without the slightest remorse.

He was masked and had a hand grenade.Before that he set of a fire alarm.


Who is responsible for the terror shootings?


This leads us to the big question ? Who is responsible for the shootings?


The Government? The people or the gun ownership of America.

This has not been the first of sorts in the Us Shootings,there have been similar kind of shootings in the 2018 since Jan 2018.


Gun Attacks seems to have become deadlier.

The Las Vegas Attack

Orlando shooting

Virginia Tech Massacre

Texas Church Shooting

US postal service shooting

Fort Hord Massacre


Majority of Americans have died of firearms/shootings than global terror.




SO is gun ownership the problem?


GUN ownership is very high in the States over 40 percent of the households have a gun ownership.


The high school will be closed for the rest of the week.


What have been the statistics in gun violence in America?


There have been around 21,058 suicides and 11,726 homicides.





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