How can you create high performing Email campaigns?

Do you create the best possible results from your email marketing campaigns? Are you able to generate the relevant leads and convert them into clients?



According to a research conducted,Emails have the highest ROI of any marketing channel available.But if you are not optimizing your email campaigns to the fullest possible level then you may be missing out on the valuable clicks,the sales perspective and ultimately the revenue generation for your business.

There are some principals of performing effective email campaigns which will provide easy convertible tools for the correct strategy and campaigns which deliver effective results.


There are many many different types of email campaigns which have the goal of driving the various conversions and also to create the latest products and also awareness of the the latest content creation and various emails.


Have an effective structured email campaign-


An adult’s attention span is around 8 seconds on an average.So don’t assume people to read each and everything within that short time.So writing long heavy campaigns isn’t exactly how that way it should be.

For the beginning have a clear headline.Highlight the key message of the campaign in a succinct and clear manner.Make the first impact.In case of multiple information also break it into numerous small pieces of content.


Be relevant or be prepared to be deleted.


Campaigns which contain the relevant information have more chances of generating the relevant leads and generate subscribers.Instead of sending only one campaign to one of the people you could segment your list into various parts and create a certain number of subscribers.


Once you have the segmented list dynamic content can be used to create new content which ensures relevant content for the client and chances are they will click through the content created.


Treats the emails as an extension of your brand.


Your emails are not the only communication tool you are having with your subscribers.Your clients need to have different interactions with on the social media page and sign up for the email.


It ensures the subscribers that the email is coming from your side and will develop a feeling of credibility and trust.You can also use colorful fonts,attractive images and different kinds of designs for your email campaigns.


So always ensure that your emails align with your brands and it increases your click thoughts.


Design for where your customers read your email.


Now mobile devices are becoming the next thing and where 63% of the mobile campaigns take place.So if your mobile is not optimized then probably it will be difficult for the other subscribers to maintain loyalty and to convert.


Some tools to create an effective email campaign-


Where can you get effective photos?






There are also some simple image creation tools-

Canva and PlaceIt.


Some icon libraries

The Noun Project,Dry Icons and Elegant Icons.


Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels to put your message across and to leverage your brand against other brands.









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