Consumer Tech buzz words for 2018.


There are some of the consumer terms which will keep on buzzing for the year considering the hype around them.


You may also have heard these terms before but what do these terms actually imply we will map them out for you.


It may take on a whole new meaning when it comes to apply them.


We take a look at some of the consumer buzzwords-


Artificial intelligence.


The almost done to death word and the most used word.But still nevertheless it occupies a prominent place among the market and the subsequent uses of it.The main concept is to have a computer algorithm and the routine decisions which you make.It also makes you freeing your mind whenever you want.

It is going to be one of the biggest differentiators when it comes to the future versions of our apps,smart-phones and gaming consoles.


As content becomes the king,your smart phone and TV could soon learn all the likes and dislikes on you would like to see.




Block chain is the underlying technology behind crypt o currencies and it is also one of the most popular crypt o currencies.Also block chain is an open source platform that means anyone can see the changes made and is hailed as one of the most important inventions ever made.

Apart from crypt o currency there are a lot of other factors which are taken into account like the Internet of things,smart connected device.


These are all of the things which make up for the consumer goods and also the people which make the consumer goods.




When you speak about consumer tech e-waste is not far behind.One of the main purposes of modular devices is the sustainable use of the entire machine.

There are two modular concepts in personal tech which are very popular and they are smart phones and TV with modular components.

Smart phones have a very finite life when it comes to panel technology and it is already quite advanced and capable of lasting a longer than a typical shelf life.


The modular stem toys can also help create a new experience.


Smart tech everywhere


We are slowly moving from keyboards to touch.The next logical step is voice but this also needs to be intuitive,effortless and also natural.With the correct components we can ask these assistants to help us with smart speakers and also appliances on television and washing machine.







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