Trump’s Budget hits the poor Americans the most.

On Monday President Donald Trump proposed the Government Food plan which is quite a hard blow to the poor Americans in the State.

He has slashed billion of Dollars from the Food stamps,the public health insurance and the federal housing vouchers.

The Congress has the final say in everything,but the Budget proposal of Monday is seen as an important feature of Trump and his priorities.

There have been encourage approach to reforming their Centre and the State and the Trump proposal would get a Food stamp program equivalent to the program’s total cost the last year.


It would also guarantee for a fundamental change which would allow the recipients to use Snap benefits at the stores as if they were about the cash.


The Budget would also bring a significant change in the program for the past 40 years and the deliveries would also account for half the majority of the benefits of the Snap Households.


The Food deliveries would include shelf-stable milk,juices,grains and cereals.


The proposal is also likely to enlarge various food retailers such as Walmart,Target and others also.The Budget also suggests the restricted policy for according to the Centre and the State Budgets.


He also proposed a federal housing program which would eliminate funding for Community development which also plays a key role in disaster recovery.The administration has also proposed an increase in the military spending.This is where Trump sees the change in the various policies.


He does not believe in diplomacy as a way to tackle the various problems.Since the proposed cuts are similar to the ones which were suggested last year ,lawmakers are a little skeptical about this whole approach.The Trump proposal takes into account many programs at the State Department which has many defence and diplomacy experts from around the world.It also proposes a cut on the NATIONAL Endowment policy, a move which can cripple the organization.



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