Hydrogen Powered Bicycles Market Assessment Globally in 2017 Report Forecast 2025

Hydrogen Powered Bicycles Market

GarnerInsights.com has added the report, “Hydrogen Powered Bicycles Market – Global Market Synopsis, Growth Factors, Industry Segmentation, Regional Analysis And Competitive Analysis 2017 – 2025” published by Reports Monitor. The far-reaching research study offers a 360-degree analysis of the market crosswise over different unequivocal elements, including market share by segmentation type, market cost analysis, market effect factors, and marketing strategy and promoting methodology.

Market Synopsis:
Climate protection is one of the central issues around the world which emphasis on clean energy. Many organizations are working on replacing fossil fuels and other non-renewable energy sources with clean energy.  Solar, wind and water are the examples of clean energy. By electrolyzing process water can be split into Hydrogen and Oxygen.  Hydrogen further use as a fuel to generate power. In the case of bicycle, hydrogen from the tank is fed to the fuel cell and Oxygen from air combines with hydrogen.  Resultant electricity runs the bicycles motor and emission from this process is water vapours.

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The most recent news on this is that the Pragma Industries, a French start up moved towards the series production of Hydrogen powered bicycles. Hydrogen powered bicycles are way better than the E-Bikes.  E-Bikes run on the lithium ion or lead acid traction battery which takes hours to charge and has a limited lifespan.  Hydrogen cylinder requires time in minutes at hydrogen filling stations.  Hydrogen powered bicycles runs up to 100 km on flat road with two litre hydrogen.  Linde group headquartered in Munich offers an easier refilling solution by selling hydrogen cylinders to fill the tank at home. Pragma industries is also working on a bike that will convert plain water into hydrogen aboard the bike, using a chemical reaction between water and aluminium or magnesium powder to produce hydrogen gas.

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Market Growth Factors:
Need for clean energy will be major driver for growth of this market. There are many countries which announced ban on petrol-diesel vehicles in coming years. Easy refilling, cost effective nature, low maintenance, zero emissions are some of the growth drivers for this market. Lack of proven technology, high cost, and low awareness about hydrogen as a fuel among customers is some of the restraints for growth of this market.

Market Segmentation:
Hydrogen powered bicycle market can be segmented on the basis of applications as B2B and B2C. B2B segment includes the bike rentals operators, courier & delivery companies and others.  Pragma industries have started its production for B2B segment, and are planning to enter the consumer market in next three years.

Competitive Analysis:
The players who are in this market and can enter into this market are Pragma Industries, Linde Group, Pearl Hydrogen, Manhattan Scientifics, Honda and others. Currently only Pragma has started factory production for hydrogen powered bicycles.

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