How to identify whether the job offer is a scam?

Online hiring has made things a lot easy both for recruiters and job seekers.It is also easy to search and jot down various job offers and also hunt down the job listings.


But it also opens a lot of doors to online scams and frauds.For fraudsters it is an easy way to lure the job seekers especially the freshers and dupe them of money or worse use their name,password for some other purpose.


So how can you save yourself from the scams which happen for the job offering and how to keep in check for these future scams?


Whether the job offer is a fake or a real one-


Scammers today have become extremely clever now-a-days,to post a job offer which looks real and you almost cannot distinguish between a fake and a real job offer.The main motive here is to hoard out a lot of money from the innocent victims and then run away altogether after extracting money from them.


Do not pay ever.


If any job site promises you to pay for the job being offered in return never ever pay for the same as chances are that it is probably a fake one.

There have been certain instances where the job seekers have received job offers in return of some amount of money and in such cases you should never pay.These are probably fake job offers for which you should never pay.


Research for relevant information about the company.


If you have ever been offered a job for any company then search for the relevant information on Google,check for Google reviews on Glass-door and Linked-In and also try to find out various information about the company.After this you can also search specifically for scam related companies and search whether you find your company here.

Also in today’s day and age,having a website a pretty normal and a common thing for any company.So check the legitimate source of the website and also how the website functions.


The Interview process


An interview process should always be a legitimate one and preferably face to face.Also always see to it they have a face to face,rather than a telephonic interview.


Always be alert


Apart from these guidelines,if you find that there is something amiss in the job profile uploaded always verify and do a double check.


Before providing for any information always ensure that you provide all the relevant details and and also make sure you have a company website which has HTTPS as the certificate.







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