Which are the Digital Video content trends in 2018?


The world of digital videos is continually growing year day by day and we take a look at the emerging trends and technology in this upcoming market.


2017 was a very important year for digital videos and its only a matter of time that many new other videos are going to see the light of the day.


We see the latest emerging trends in Video marketing-


Online video marketing continues to grow due to the marketing mix-


The continuing explosion of online videos is here to stay.Video is no longer just the marketing tactic we used to be talking about years ago.But it is a dominance of all the channels and the growth seems to be still a lot of untapped.


Statistics reveal that round 43% of the consumers prefer video marketing and also many marketing professionals also reveal the strongest ROI from their marketing technique.Around 48% of the marketers reveal that 46% of them plan to integrate Facebook in their digital marketing strategies this year.

This is subsequently expected to grow in 2018.


Popularity of live streaming of videos continues-


Live streaming is here and it can be found both in its authentic taste and also accessibility.The live videos bring an appeal which is hard to match at times bit it has a different aura of it altogether.Live streaming allows companies to create content which is very relevant and also been able to interact with everyone on the social media platforms.

There are more and more innovative ways of live streaming coming up on the social media platforms and through social media interactions.


Mobile Optimization will become huge-


This is an ongoing trend which one hardly needs to explain.As the frequency of WI-FI increases in public places the time with which we view our mobile data also increases.Facebook has also changed its guidelines and they view content as a huge part which is played out.


Video content goes from strength to strength-


Video content will be huge in 2018.It will go beyond AR,VR,live Video and will be similar for consumers and marketeers alike.


Purpose driven video popularity booms-


Purpose driven videos are gaining immense popularity over the years.As this is just only pure marketing strategy it can also retain customer loyalty and  higher sense of corporate updates.


More consumer generate content videos are going to be streamed-


Social networks are quick to adopt this trends







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