Trump threatens another Government shutdown ad mist issues over immigration.

In the much going and on-going never ending debate regarding immigration and the subsequent immigration laws,Trump has come up with another plan and threatens against Government shutdown if any plans are made to change.


There are various loopholes in the immigration system and there needs to be a specific plan regarding the immigration background.


What is Trump of the opinion?


Trump says that if something is not done immediately then there will be serious repercussion.Trump in a meeting with the officials declared this.


His Four Pillars of reforms are also included in his new immigration policy-


They are as follows-


Funding for the Border wall.


A path to citizenship for the 1.18 million dreamers.


An end to policies which offer visas through a lottery system or also help family members obtain visas or any other green cards.


What measures is the Government taking?


Government funding is expected to take off very soon and that the Government could shut down again if the Congress does not reach a consensus to fund the Government.

Just the last month the Government had shut down temporarily as the Republicans and the Democrats could not come at a deal for the DACA recipients.


Just as the leaders were hinting at a meltdown,leaders were touting it to be on the verge of a big deal in order to avoid a shutdown.


Democratic leader was of the view that they are soon be able to reach an agreement and it is going to reach a deal very soon.However on the question of immigration the two parties are nowhere on a consensus and we do not need a Government shutdown on this.


Democrats can protect the President’s request for border security but also hints at reforms at ending the chain immigration.


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