Digitization and the Auto Industry

Digitization is gaining a strong footing in the various sectors of the economy.Around 400 netizen are actively involved in interacting with the business online.BRANDS across various industries are upping their game to take in the best of the digital world and also to establish a personalized connect with the tech-savvy individual.


The meteoric rise in the emerging markets,the proliferation of emerging technologies,the various sustainability policies and consumer preferences are also impacting industries globally.New Business models and enhanced automation is changing the way the things are shaping up.


Is the Indian Automation Industry game for this change?


The Indian Automation industry is yet to catch up with this trend and is much far behind its counterparts.

They account for a mere 10-11% of the total spending on their entire digital promotions,while some of the auto sales are digitally influenced.By the year 2020 almost about 70% of the sales are expected to be digitally influenced.


Which is the most dominant device out of all the automobiles?


The cell phone is the most dominant device of all the 80% of the all the per-purchase payments and also social media channels and also the top digital search engines are expected to influence over 40% of the total auto sales in 2020.

As both the technology and the automation industry emerge the preferences are rapidly shifting from the mere traditional choices to the more advanced and mechanized ones.


Which are the key social media choices to get influenced by the automation industry?


Facebook has been one of the pioneers in integrating the manufacturers and also personalizing their marketing efforts.In terms of the purchase index there is more than seven percent boost than what is provided for the real world of the outcomes for both the offline and the online brands.


Over the years Global innovations have brought various customer aspirations to India’s connected generation.It will soon have to step up its game and also provide smart mobility solutions as the end-end mobility solutions are the need of the hour.Also connected vehicles will also bring a whole new lot of customer experience to the table.

Indian Automakers will soon have to change the product and the component mix and bring to life the right talent pool and also improving the set of batteries and drive the EV disruption in INDIA.


It is all about personalization and also integration and also driving sales and profitability.


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