E-commerce trends to watch out for in 2018.

The E-commerce industry is a dynamic one with almost all the changes taking place rapidly and with equal speed.The trends or the habits which were in vogue last year may get outdated by now as compared to this year’s trends.


As a marketeer you need to constantly up your game in staying in the e-commerce journey.With rapid advancements in technology,and also the type of you business,you need to know about the latest technologies and also it is very crucial to keep up with the upcoming trends.


So which are the upcoming trends you need to watch out for?


Influence Marketing-


Influence marketing can be an awesome tool for your e-commerce strategy.


How to about it?

You can fin a trusted source in your industry and then sponsor them to endorse your product on their social media platform.


Here relevance is the key.You do not need to find any big marketing company or any big company.Brand which use influence with highly engaged followers have more followers,awareness,traffic and sales for their e-commerce sites.There are at the same time brands,websites and other pages who would give more business to your work than anything before.


Social Media-


Social media is a powerful instrument for business owners.Marketeers should know how to leverage it as a marketing tactic and also a customer service tool which can be used to attract and retain the customers.Whether you use Facebook for re-targeting,or Instagram’s organic functionality,the key to everything is that using your customer’ s presence and increasing the online reach.


It is not just only about communicating with your customers but also creating an online community with people who have similar interests.This can be similar to posting on Instagram or Twitter.


Mobile Optimization-


Mobile optimization referee to more than just website design,which covers everything from chat support to optimized payout.

Now mobile optimization is not just limited to shopping and or browsing for other things.If you want you products to sell,you will have to make your site optimized.Also to increase the conversion rates ad lower the abandonment ratio you can make use of the digital wallets such as Apple Pay,Amazon Pay.


Brick and Mortar-


Chances are that if your business has a brick and mortar location which offers both and online and offline store,it will help keep your business on track and also help you from the business perspective.What will be the advantages of such a business? It will help reduce the shipping cost and also drive people in stores.



Perhaps one of the most common ways of advertising and getting to know your customers is the email technique.You can alert your customers by dealing or buying new items or updating on the new purchases and also answering their various queries and answers.


Voice searches-

The latest entrant in the e-commerce field is the number of voice searches and the number is subsequently going to rise.

Voice search is the future of web-browsing with more and more personal assistants coming in vogue such as Alexa and Google Assistant.


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