The UNION BUDGET-Who wins,who loses?


The Union Budget was presented in the Parliament yesterday that is the first of February.People are very sky high expectation from it.Whether it will be a populist budget or whether it will fulfill the people’s expectations that is for all to see.


With the NATIONAL polls looming this year for the upcoming year of 2019,this Budget was designed to help the distresses rural farmers and also to boost the rural growth,jobs and also the private sector investment.


Who have emerged as the winners in this Year’s budget? Rather for how adaptive this Budget has been for today’s common man?


We take a look-


The Farmers of India


Farmers have been protesting all across the country for the unfair treatment which was meted out to them. Now this budget has come has a savior to them.This Financial Budget promises to raise the minimum price offered to farmers for the crops.

There have been increasing instances for delivering more money in the rural areas which involves projects such as irrigation and also aqua-culture projects.It also aims to provide the state governments with the necessary extra solar power generated by the farmers who use solar power pumps.


Which are the agriculture focused companies in India?


KSB Pumps


Jain irrigation system


Avanti Feeds Pvt.Ltd


PI Industries


These are the companies which could benefit from the Modi’s Budget reform.


Health -care providers


The government has introduced a new scheme which aims to insure around 500 million people.It could benefit various companies such as Apollo Hospital which is by far India’s largest hospital and also Fortis Health care.


Transport Companies

Jaitley has proposed rail and road infrastructure Budget spending and is keen to invest in improving the roads infrastructure Budget spending.It could benefit various train wagon producers.It will also benefit companies such as Larsen and Turbo,Hindustan Constructions,Dilip Build con,Cimmco Ltd.


Consumer Companies

With a view to boost the spending in India’s hinterland,the various FMCG companies like Hindustan Unilever,Britannia Indus tries,Marico could benefit as they could end up having disposable incomes.


Airports Sector-

The Government has proposed to expand the regional airport construction with a view to increase the airport expansion authority.Firms which could benefit from this are GMR infra structure,GVK power and infrastructure could also benefit.


Who are the losers in this Budget?


The Financial Sector

The Government has decided to impose long-term capital gains tax which can also dent for investor sentiment for several life insurance companies such as IDFC Ltd,ICICI Prudential life insurance.


The De fence Sector-


There was no push to the defense spending by the Finance Minister.He,on the other hand praised the armed forces and also promised an industry friendly production boost the defence sentiment.





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