New Age technology for Tiny tots-

Technology has entered almost all the aspects of our lives right from personal gadgets and using up for social media.


Now it has come as a breather for anxious parents to sleep their new born or they want it any other way to soothe or relax.

Earlier parenting was more on instinct and understanding it has now taken the help of technology to make use of the same.


Smart gadgets can help make your baby asleep without having struggling even for the minutest time.


Car Seat:Chicoo COSMOS


Car seats adhere to Global safety standard.They can be attached to the seat belts in your car and it can be reclined in various positions such as sitting,sleeping,color coded indicators.It is good for babies up-to 3 years.


Smart Thermometer

If your child is unwell,Nokia’s smart thermometer helps you take the accurate temperature.You can measure them from the temporal artery and can have an accurate reading of the temperature.It can make for profiles up-to eight family members and also has a digital display called Hot spot technologies which is used for four accurate measurements.


Video Monitor : Nanit


The Nanit offers high quality live stream on your mobile.You can place your monitor where the baby sleeps and can also keep a live check on the happenings of the critical moments of the day.

It also uses Artificial intelligence to study your baby’s movements and also checks for the quality of sleep your child is getting.



A bassinet is a smart sleeper and is capable of making a baby comfortable in it.It is clipped to a safety mechanism which prevents the baby from rolling over. It is also used for gently rocking the baby or for fast rocking.It also comes with Sacks of organic cotton.


Movement tracker -Sense you.

It carries a number of complex tasks.It can be attached to the waistband of the baby’s diaper and you can connect it to your smart phone.


The Sense you will immediately notify you when the baby does any movements and alerts you at times.It is an ideal tool where you can see your baby naturally turn over and protect your baby if he/she tries to roll over.


Air Quality Monitor

It is a great device to monitor the air quality in and around your baby’s side.The laser egg 2 connects with your phone and also the home Wi-Fi to make the task simple for you.It is useful for updating information and also monitoring outdoor quality and also the weather.




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