Merit based immigration is the need of the time-White House.

In the latest that has been going for some days for now about immigration and its subsequent effects the White house has passed a new law saying that only skilled immigrants will take the lead when it comes to immigration and change of the country.


What is the legislation all about?


US President Donald Trump has encouraged the Congress to pass a new legislation that there will be strictly merit base immigration in the United States.

This move would benefit lakhs of Indian professionals who want to seek entry into the States for professional purposes.


He has mapped out a unique pathway to the road to citizenship for the illegal immigrants who have been brought here by the parents when they were very young.

Trump has been of the view that there should be a merit based system strictly and also which make way for the highly skilled immigrants in the United States.


It will contribute a lot to the society and people will also learn to respect our culture and the country.


Where was the Bill proposed?


The Bill was proposed in the State of the Union Congress,which is a traditional annual speech which is presented in the Joint session of the Parliament and which also gives a total account of the country’s situation in the country.

The White House officials outlined its strategy this week which was exclusive to the Associated Press and said that changes need to be demonstrate with immediate effect.But they also warn that the effect will be played in a difficult political climate as the Republicans are engaged in a Major immigration debate in the year 2018 according to the bill passed.

It will also give legal status to around 7,00,000 people.


He said that there are four pillars of the immigration reform-


In his immigration reform,he proposed the four pillars of the immigration rules which are-


Building a wall


Ending the chain migration


Diversity Visa


What are Trump’s views on this?


Trump said that these reforms should be accepted by both the Houses of the Parliament i.e the Democrats and the Republicans.


Trump said he plans to end the visa lottery system, program which randomly issues Green cards without giving any importance for skills,merits,or for the safety for the Americans.


There will focus on the immediate family by limiting the various sponsorship’s.This reform was vital for not just the people but also for the overall economy and the future of the country.


There should be a time to reform these updates for the overall benefit of the country and also for the security of the future of the people.


According to Trump these new pillars will create a whole new immigration rules which will be highly beneficial for the successful implementation of the visa system.Trump said that the terrorist attacks were also carried out in view of these attacks.It will also give way for various legislation and will put a bill of America’s first policy.





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