Which are the SEO trends to watch out for in the year 2018?

In online marketing trends and updates keep on changing and are extremely competitive.It remains one of the top most operated and keenly observed feature of a search Engine optimization technique.


New algorithms,new updates keep on coming and keep on evolving to mark by newer techniques and also to be on top of the game of the Search Engine Marketing.

Algorithm updates are very few and also very far and so it seems to be only a matte of time when the search engines need to be improved on.


Video and image search will improve-

Online interactions will vastly improve with faster internet speeds,visual friendly social media platforms.Accordingly Google will also call for some changes in the algorithms.It will also have to recognize the visual elements and sought to improve user interactions with them.


Long tail keywords-

The search pattern is becoming more and more specific with long tail keywords taking a stand.So we have to optimize those keywords for finding the relevant content and organize and increase the search engine rankings.


Knowledge Graph will dominate-

Google regular ley features answer boxes and snippets and this is going to be the norm for the coming year as it has been for the previous year.

It gives a big boost to the search engine results which is gathered from a variety of sources.


Mobile Optimization will increase-

Mobile search is increasing day by day and it will continue to do so for the up,coming year also.What’s more it is going to surpass the Desktop searches and mobile optimization will take the lead.Also accelerated mobile pages are also getting a lot of screen time which is beneficial in a way.


Voice Search

One of the most important SEO TRENDS.A voice has a more personal touch whether it is desktop or a laptop or a mobile search.But a mobile search is more preferred than a desk top as compared to any other device.It should be able to optimize the pages for increasing the ranking and drive a great amount of organic traffic to the search engines.


Semantic Search

Semantic search improves the accuracy of the user and the intent of the user also.

Keywords are important for a semantic search option.It also help the web pages appear in more highly indexed search engines.


Machine learning will be in-

Machine learning will zoom past the traditional learning algorithms.Google is likely to role out more machine learning algorithms updates.Eventually algorithm updates may fade entirely and make way for more machine learning.


SEO will not just be limited to only Google-

It will go beyond the normal search engines but also third party Google searches will also provide the required algorithms for the searches.









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