How to make use of design thinking to solve your marketing challenges?

Modern day marketing is a unique mixture of data and tests which is aimed at making the best of the experience available for you.

Yer there are times when the marketing teams often rely on the past experiences or the existing knowledge most of the times for their project execution.


When faced with a big challenge or a new initiative we have to rely on our existing knowledge.


They make use of designing relevant experiences for customers.They also gather a lot of knowledge from the other consumer markets and is instrumental to test their ideas on a large scale.The design team lives in a marketing or a product team.

The best SEO practices should be deployed while managing the marketing mix and employ the best practices.


Proper alignment of ideas

There should be a unique alignment of ideas and an ideal cross functional team approach for the project which includes a UX designer, a writer,a product manager and also a marketing manager.


Come on a decision

After the sketches on the wall have been decided there should be a final storyboard for the journey after which there needs to be explored a future road map.


Test with the users-

A user testing allows users to reach out to their audience,and identify the core needs of the audience, how will you gain the exact solution of the users and how will you identify their true paths is of the main concern.


We list down the basic process in the design thinking process-



Understanding of the problem you are going to solve.



State what is the problem is all about.And after that go about making various decisions on how it should be carried out.




Start thinking and creating various ideas and analyze the various observations which you can decipher.



Decide on the various thinking patterns and also on the solutions which are to be implemented and to be gathered.










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