How can you use video in your email marketing?

Video marketing is one of the most clever and useful tactics one can use in email marketing campaigns.

It can drastically improve your marketing quality and can help you generate more leads.


Also it can also get you more page views and can be beneficial in putting your message across the audience or your desired set of consumers.Also video makes things entertaining and engaging.Videos in an email can increase up to 19 % of the rate and also the click through rate also increases by about 50 %.

These are reasons enough that every marketer should integrate video marketing in his email campaigns.

It makes for many compelling reasons to include video marketing in your campaigns.


We share some of the best tips here to integrate videos in your emails


How to take the best advantages of using a video online-


Many of the marketeers plan to increase their video time on You tube and via video marketing.


It boosts the open rates by around 19%


It also boosts the click through rates by around 65%


It also makes a drastic change in unsubscribes by around 26%


How can you offer a seamless experience on the videos by means of email marketing?


Use STATIC images with a play button


If you use a play button on the top of the static images it is one of the easiest ways to link the video content on the sites like You tube.


Animated GIF’S


Animated GIF’S are a much sort after phenomena and and are also much preferred among the video channels.


They can give you more clicks and can also prove to be a great marketing tool.GIF’S look great when they are uploaded with the right amount of colors and just the right tool.


Animated Play button


Linking a static image with an animated GIF can increase your videos leads drastically and make way for a great change in the context of the marketing campaigns.


How can you embed a video in your email?


If you are equipped with some technical know-how and have a fair knowledge of HTML then you can embed a video in your email.


Although it must be ensured that all the clients will not appreciate you showcasing videos all the time and playing those may work against your favour.

But if you do want to embed a video HTML 5 will offer you lots of opportunities and offer you the same insights as a normal video does.



How can you add video in your marketing campaign?


Click on the video content block and drag it to the section your email where you want the video to appear.


After that add the URL of the video.


Using video marketing can be a fun,creative and an engaging way of keeping your audience hooked to the video you are trying to show.Whether you choose a static image,a GIF,OR HTML 5 it can make the desired impact than a normal text.



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