Budget :2018

As we near the day,the Government will present its last ever Union Budget there are anticipated reaction as to what will be in store for the different sectors of the economy and the rest of the country.


What is the aim of the Union Budget this time?


There is much curiosity among the citizens as to what will be the kind of budget this year.Whether it will be a populist budget or not.How will the Prime Minister put forth his views and opinion regarding the various taxes and laws and will they be conducive to the economy?


What will the Government focus on?


Government to allocate more funds for infrastructure and also rural development.


It will also offer esops for Politically important constituencies which includes the middle class and the farmers.


The Government, in this Budget is looking to boost the infrastructure and taking effective measures to boost the economic growth.


Also increasing the jobs in important sectors of the economy will be the prime aim of this year’s Budget.


What will the Finance Minister be focus sing on?


He is likely to give priority to projects such as affordable housing,rural roads and railways which will accelerate the pace of economic development and also focus on the issues of of the farmers.


It is likely to expand to 6.5% this fiscal,as it is being Asia’s third largest economy.


The Government will also think of providing various incentives to the logistics sector which includes the industrial parks,the warehousing facilities and the cold chains.


It also includes program mes for the transport sector and the highways sector which will focus on optimizing the efficiency and the mending the critical infrastructure gaps.


What were the issues regarding the private sector investment?


Private investment is most likely to pick up at the beginning of the year 2019,that as the current fiscal year. The economy is likely to fully align with the GST outline and align with the banks and however this will be a gradual process and not a very rapid one.


Housing and manufacturing may also be the key turning points,which are not only labour intensive but also focus on the overall growth.They will also create jobs in various other sectors such as cement,electricity and other financial services.









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