India is all set to host 10 Asean Leaders on this Republic day.

As India gets set to celebrate its Republic day on the this 26th of January there is going to be a another proud moment for India as ASEAN leaders will grace the occasion.


What is the program-me going to be about?


10 heads of the States and the government from the ASEAN member states will attend the occasion and will also share the stage with Mr.Modi and also President Ram Nath Kovind.

This will be the first time that around 10 world leaders will attend such a grandeur occasion.


They will all be the chief guests at the Annual republic day Parade.


Which will be the leaders participating in the parade-


President Joko Widodo of Indonesia


Prime Minister Lee Hsein Loong of Singapore


The Sultan of Brunei


The Prime Minister of Cambodia


General Chan-O-Cha of Thailand


The Prime Minister of Laos


The Philippine President


Prime Minister of Malaysia


Prime Minister of Vietnam.


The historic and the most remembered gathering comes after the Modi’s Manila meet in the Philippine who had attended the ASEAN summit.It has also co-incided with the 25th anniversary of India becoming a sect oral partner of the ASEAN committee.


What other events are in the pipeline?


To celebrate the silver jubilee of India-Asean ties,India will be hosting a summit on the on the theme of Shared values and Common Destiny on the 25th of January.


Also India is also all set to host nine bi-lateral meetings with the leaders of South Asian leaders which will address issues related to terrorism,social security and connectivity.

There will also be a leaders retreat held where there will be free and frank discussions regarding world affairs and other important issues.


The theme of the session is maritime -cooperation and security.Along with that a plenary session will also take place.


A proud moment for INDIA-

Modi at the ASEAN SUMMIT



This will be MODI’s second multi-cultural meet after attending the World Economic Forum where he held hardcore bilateral talk with his Canadian counterpart Justin Trudeau.


Which are top trade talks on the ASEAN agenda?





Are all the top world issues the leaders would be addressing at the ASEAN meet.


Some are of the view that this is a unique opportunity for India to present itself as a world leader in certain strategic areas such as trade and connectivity.It is a landmark summit and will be the most remembered down the line.


What is interesting is that a unique blend of culture will also be seen.Ramayana is one of the most common cultural links between India and South East Asia.There will also be commemorative stamps of the Ramayana which will be released.


Discussions will also be held among the working groups of India to set up air and maritime connectivity and also to increase co-operation in that area.Also the textiles issue needs to be addressed which is an important sector in the INDIA and ASEAN meet.



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