How will the Digital Boom shape the Food Re-packaging industry?

Digital technology has today become more than a buzzword.The rise in digital technologies and the subsequent innovations has caused a lot of paradigm shift which has affected the food industry-

Right from the farms to the super markets to the kitchens and our dinner tables.


So what does the future holds for the food industry?


Digital has entered all the sectors of our economy.Right from retail to IT to banking,logistics and also various other businesses.From wide across the spectrum digital is being infused everywhere.

It is rightly being hailed as the fourth industrial revolution.

Enabling digital transformation has various benefits,they are as follows-


It allows brands to leverage the employees


You can create customers and also retain old customers.


You can also optimize the various operations and transform them into products.


How ever there is a difference between the earlier kind of digitization and this kind of digitization.Here digital has a more personal approach than earlier industrial technologies.


There is more personalized approach to this kind of digital approaches.They are getting improved in new and profound ways.There are more and more digital devices connected to technology than we are connected with the humans.




Digitization has transformed the way businesses function.But it has also affected the food and nutrition industry.

And it is particularly interesting to note that food and the beverage industry has also impacted tremendously.


The massive wave of digital technology will drastically transform how industries grow,manufacture and package and also consume food.


However the distribution of the value chain should also be unique and not haphazard.Every farm to every grocery store to every to packaging it has to be a part of strong value network.


How will digitization impact the food industry?


Solutions will have smart marketing systems and which are likely to open over the next decade for smart packages.

There are several local innovations taking forward around the world.


The people’s network

India has a fast mobile brand adoption rate and is forecasted to grow more by the year 2020.It indicates that there is going to be room for crowd powered food systems and it will pave the way for personalized economies where connectivity can be a part of a good food web.Crowd-Sourcing is also helping Indians fight hunger and food management issues at the same time.There are various apps for ordering food online such as,no food waste.There are numerous apps where you can find restaurant,hotels and food chains.They can suggest a hunger spot and then it can be included in the No Food waste distribution data base.


High resolution nutrition


As demand for healthy food continues to rise,there will be increased consumers who will focus on diet rich foods and personalized meals will be their way to go.Also food packaging will also have to display healthy food stats information and along with that food manufacturers will have to stream line their processes to meet the individual demand of the consumers.



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