Amazon Alexa- The next big thing in the Tech space.

Alexa has become the new buzz word for the technology industry.Now assistant’s are turning digital and are proving more and more convenience to the people around us making our lives comparatively easier.


What exactly is Alexa?


It is Amazon’s virtual assistant which has been in the digital space for around 2 years. It lives inside the Speaker of the machine and uses its various abilities to dictate the commands and serve you.It is actually a wireless speaker and it makes of nothing but only the sound of your voice and use it to get your work done.

It is named after Alexandra,which is Amazon’s voice control system.Now you can speak your wishes out to a machine and it will help you gladly.The tasks which are carried out are rather the simpler ones but nevertheless can help you for e g- dimming the lights,changing the music tracks etc.


What is different in Alexa?


Alexa is like the first generation voice assistant which has a trigger to responsiveness.You simply have to say the activated word (Echo,Alexa,computer) followed by what task you want to carry out.There should be proper set up and you should use the correct command.Maybe after that you may start using your phone less frequently.


Voice Calling and messaging


Hands-free calling is one of the biggest assets and Echo the products on the Amazon App.Free calls can be placed on any landline or mobile number especially in the US,Mexico and Canada.


Multi Room Audio

You can instruct Alexa to use which device you want the music to be played.It has echo speakers in the form of multi room audio support where you can play the music in your home.


The grouping feature also make the commands more simpler and easy to operate.


Pandora and Prime Music

There is also a free music streaming and live audio.There are many options which are available and are free.There is also an option to subscribe to Amazon music to access millions of new songs and download new music.


Local news and Traffic updates are also possible


Alexa also delivers important local news and it can also enable a variety of voice outlets which includes NPR,BBC Discovery,Washington Post and the CNN.


It also delivers traffic information but it is limited to a location wise distribution.


Weather Forecasts


Probably the most of all the information,Alexa also delivers weather forecasts.The weather is probably the first thing one wants to know as one has to commute so it is one of the most important of all the functions.

You only need to set up your location through the Alexa App and your job is done.


Order and track Amazon purchases

With Alexa you can even track and purchase your Amazon purchases.

It tells you when your order will arrive and also when is it expected to arrive.For the purchases you also have the ability to track the purchases along with a lot of security layer protection.

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