Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Davos:The Key Takeaways.

It sure is going to be a proud moment for India,as our Prime Minister Mr.Narendra Modi address the world’s most important and the biggest platform.

The biggest gathering of top world leaders is sure going to have a huge and a positive impact on the world economies and is going to be an important game changer.


Also what is proud of the fact that,there is rich combination of Indian ethos and culture and also of the principles and ambitions .He showcased India as the fastest growing economy and a potential driver of global growth.

He also recognized India as a major economic political and social power.


There were also some points of criticism against Trump’s America first agenda and it found significant criticism from other world leaders.

Modi at the WEF-


Modi began his speech in chaste Hindi and began by discussing the theme of the year by starting on the topic ,”A shared future in a fractured world.”


He also mentioned the Upanishads,saying Indians consider this as one big family.


He mentioned that he has set a target for himself to achieve the unattainable.A target of around $5trillion by 2025.A goal which India will set up or which aims to double up in the next eight years.


He also defended globalization and also called for urgent joint action against climate change along with economic co-operation.



10 commandments of Modi-


If you want a balance of wellness along with wealth,then India is the place to be.You will get health,wealth and family and also enjoy a sense of well-being.Demography,dynamism and democracy are shaping the nation in all the correct manner.


Investing,travelling and also manufacturing in India has all become very easy.We are striving hard to remove the license raj an also end red-tapism.


India is all set to become a trillion dollar economy by the year 2025.India’s GDP has grown six times since the past 10 years.


India was and will always be a unified,harmonizing country,where we are not divided by common walls.


Terrorism is a grave issue and needs to be seriously tackled with.


India believes in the important values of integrity and morals and stand by it.There are going on fast moving and political changes and ad mist that there needs to have a correct stability.


Global warming,protectionism and terrorism are the main points concerning INDIA today.India inspires to more on this front and plans to have stringent measures on counteracting the same.


After that he attended the meetings with Canadian President Justin Trudeau and also the Queen of Netherlands before he leaves for Zurich back.


He also talked about India’s growth story and also spoke about the investment opportunities from across 40 global industry bosses across 18 countries which also includes Satya Nadella,Mukesh Ambani,Dirk Hoke.


At the last of the speech he invited various suggestions from everyone and told people what do they think about the forum and asked to share their views.




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