Prime Minister Narendra Modi become the First Prime Minister to attend the World Economic Forum at Davos.

All eyes are set on the World Economic Forum Meet of Prime Minister NARENDRA Modi as he attends his first ever meet at Davos Switzerland since 1997.The last ever Minister to attend such a summit was HD Deve Gowda in the year 1997.


Why is the meet special?


It is special because of its very dominating Indian presence.It is all set to be the largest ever summit with around six Union Ministers,top government officials,over 100 CEO’S and other registered participants.


There is also going to be hosted a welcome reception on the coming evening by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.It will also showcase India’s exquisite cuisine and also the age-old heritage structure which in turn showcases India’s bright,young and innovative spirit.


A special team of 32 chefs and managers are going to be included and arrangements are going on for the same.


What are the official sessions going to be like?


Mr.Modi left for the destination on Sunday,with his statement saying that India’s involvement with the worldly affairs have increased recently,and how it is all about economics and the involvement of politics in the matter.


He wants to secure peace and stability with the use of technology and secure a good policy making system.He said he also wants India’s engagement to be mufti-dimensional which covers political,social,economic and security also in all the areas.


How will the meeting proceed?


THE PM will deliver the opening address at the summit.He said he is also looking forward to the several bilateral meetings which will take place,while he will be there at the meet.

He will also host a dinner for the global CEO’S and also he will hold various discussions on the global business community members.He will also deliver his keynote address.


However some of the Indian CEO’S also made a strong pitch for the country to counter policies such as protectionism and also certain domestic issues.

There are many CEO’s who said India needs to address certain main points such as to understand the difference between sales and marketing.


Some are also of the view that the Indian economy needs to have a major turnaround in a sector like aviation and also need to have a broad based involvement across all the sectors to take a fast track for a robust growth for development which can be tapped by everyone.


Plan Modi-


He will deliver a keynote address at the opening of the WEF’S ceremony.


He will have an interaction exclusively with the Indian executives.


Modi will meet the 120 member International Business council.


There will be separate interactions with the CEO’s of different companies.


Modi assured that there will be trans-formative changes which will happen and also assured that it will take place quickly.


There will also be discussions on clean energy solutions and financial inclusions on digital payments.









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