India and Japan to create artificial intelligence technology in the defense sector.

India and Japan aim to work together in tandem,to produce top-notch artificial intelligence technology,in the defense sector.It is a kind of strategic co-operation between the to parties.


What is expected?

An increased bilateral co-operation is expected between the two to create and develop uncanned ground vehicles and also robotics.


India and Japan will be soon setting up a task force where the crux of the India-Japan convergence lies.The nuclear agreement was notified by the Japanese Parliament in the late 2017,they will be setting up a joint task force for a lot of commercial agreements subsequently by the end of January.India and Japan are ready to set up a joint task force for the various commercial agreements between them.


It is expected that the two PM’S will work in close co-operation with one another and reach a consensus.


What is the challenge that both the companies seek?


With expansionist China,it poses as a big challenge for both the countries,as both of them are having an idea of the world politics from a similar lens.In 2018 Japan is aiming for a free In do-Pacific theme,which was raised at the Raisina Dialogue.


The next in the pipeline will be infrastructure development,which is based on global standards.The reason for this development is that the connectivity between them is increased.


The third on the agenda is maritime law enforcement which would ensure stability and also prosperity in the Indo -Pacific region.


Also Disaster Management is also next on the cards for the promotion of peace,law and order.


So it is but natural that India and Japan would like to connect and at the same time combine the Indo-Pacific Strategy,and act as one big picture.It is the required kind of synergy which is needed to combine our task forces against one another.


It will give rise to a unique bilateral relationship along with a multilateral one.It will be as the following,Japan-India-US,Japan-US-Australia quadrilateral.


Among these four countries we need a constant synergy and a uniqueness which has the same standards as maritime energy and also of basic values.


For India the main aim of the quadrilateral is non-proliferation and at the same time negotiation.Among the four countries there are four basic values which need to be understood that is maritime strategy and also a lot of basic values.

It is important that each of the countries utilize his or her strengths,to create concrete results which are also visible to the world.China’s growing presence in the neighborhood has also encouraged India and Japan to take strategic challenges.

A unique quadrilateral is seemed to be formed by these four countries.India has also encouraged the presence of Japan and the US which have elicited quite a mild response.


Japan has already increased its involvement in Pakistan,Maldives,Sri lanka,and also in Myanmar which is on China’s radar.




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