Run up to the Budget:What does the common man wants?

There are around 10 days left for the annual budget to be presented before the Parliament and the everyone is waiting that what will be in store for the different sectors and most importantly the common man.

What is special about this Budget is that,it will the first one implemented after the two most important decisions passed by the Modi government.

One of De-monitizaiton

And the second of implementation of the Good and the Services tax.(GST)


Is it going to be a populist budget? How will it going be for the salaried class,the housewife,the business man and the farmer?

What is it that the nation wants from the finance minister and the his government?


Here is some of the wish list from the common man-


Creation of more jobs more so in the private sector.This may eliminate the problem of unemployment and provide most of the people with regular sources of income.


Citizens who pay regular income tax should be allowed some kind of a social security as and when in case they loose the job due to certain market fluctuations they can have some kind of social security and are able to sustain themselves in an unstable environment.


Complete abolition of toll on the State and the National Highways.


Restriction of pensions timeline to MP’S and the MLA’S of other parties.


Seaports is one of the major sources of income for the people of India.It is but natural that they have some flexibility operating on these ports.There should be an open free zone for all companies along with various facilities such as,free duty on imports and no strike zone.


The GST rate applicable should be a minimum of 12%


The Health premium which is paid by the Senior citizens should be completely exempted from the tax bracket.


Housing is one of the prime concern of any common man.There should be an affordable housing scheme included for the same.


Reduction in the tax burden for the common man.


There is some amount of pressure on the Finance Minister for making this a populist budget and expectations are high this time from the Finance Minister.

There should be a total tax reduction burden on the common man.


Overall the medical facilities should be improved and focus on the all the education of children.


Reducing the super-senior age limit from 80 years to 75 years so that the people in that age group can get the maximum benefits.Reducing the fare on the travel tickets is also one of the major concerns for the common man and the senior citizen alike.Also health-care is a much ignored sector most of the times and should also be taken care of.


Reducing the taxes for the salaried professionals.


Petrol and diesel should also come under the purview of the GST.


Pension should be entirely tax free.Especially for the people from the defense sector.

Just 10 days for the Budget run up it is going to be a much anticipated time for the citizens of India.





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