Trump Administration’s must have list for immigrants.

The Trump administration has been in the eye of the storm ever since he has attained the office in the last year.

His strong and sometimes very harsh policies have not gone down well with the residents while some are hailing his policies as they are against the immigrants and do not want them to enter the States.


But has been of the opposite view saying that he has no qualms about admitting immigrants from other countries provide they are highly skilled and have the necessary credentials.

The H1-B visa is strictly for those people who are highly skilled and who can come to the States and work on those rules only.


But of late, the policies of the H1-B visa have been misused by many lately.And so the Trump administration is putting strict rules in place for appropriate use of the same and being able to use it to the correct level.

So there some of the criteria that Trump has noted down in order that America has some of the best skilled immigrants who will be a boon to their economy and will give the much needed impetus.


The Trump administration as absolutely no qualms admitting people who are highly skilled and educated.


They need to have a sufficient understanding of English,speaking and writing so that they can communicate with their fellow workers.


There will strictly be visas issued on a merit based system and no random issuing of visas will be done.


Such individuals can be from any part of the world,provided they are highly educated and skilled.


If such policies are strictly implemented then it could benefit a lot of immigrants and in-turn the economy of United States.


Trump administration’s take on Immigration system-


The Trump administration wants to re-design and refurbish newly the immigration system.


He is confident that it will produce better results than the previous system the States was having.


We would love to bring people in this country who love the people and the culture,especially those who know how to speak English and those who support our values and and the way of life an administrative spokesperson said.


Chain migration was such an issue where people where not selected on the basis of skills and attributes which was proving to be major issue for the whole topic of migration.


Why have been such strict rules implemented?


There have been issues of misuse of the H1B visa and the subsequent chain migration.


Also terrorism has been one of the cause of the H1-B visa and so there are relevant measures to counterfeit the same.


Our goal is to eliminate terrorism completely and eradicate its very roots.


What will the Trump administration modify the changes is yet to be seen.And how will it work out is also yet to be taken into account.


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