Countdown to the Budget: Where should the Finance Minister be focusing on?

The Union Budget is less than two weeks away and all eyes are on the Modi’s government as it will be the last one before the Center goes to the polls next year.

Also what makes it special is that it will the first after the implementation of the GST was announced.


As yet another financial year comes an end, we take a look at where should the Finance Minister focus his development issues on-


Focus on the health-care-


In the year of 2017,the allocation of budget was increased by 28%. Similarly the same trend is expected to follow in this year’s budget.Investment in the public health infrastructure is expected to increase.Increase in allocation of the heath care sector is the need of the day as it is one of the most important sectors and it should be given on priority.


Improvement in the Rashtriya Sawastya Bhima Yojana ( RSBY)


This is a health insurance scheme for people who come below the poverty line.It was first initiated in the year 2008 and is now under the purview of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.


This scheme provides them with a card which will receive a medical care of up-to 30,000 either in the government or the private hospitals.There are other services which also they can avail like diagnostics,pharmacy and examination rooms. This year’s Budget should increase this amount to around 1 lakh for a more inclusive ad in-depth insurance to the poor.


Income Security act for farmers-

Last year there was a steep fall in the agricultural prices and there were quite a lot of protests held in states such as Madhya Pradesh,Gujarat,Uttar Pradesh and others.Agricultural experts have asked for an income security act in response to these protests and secure the farmers profession.They are also demanding tenant farmers and farm laborer in response to the act which was carried out.


Housing Sector-

The Indian economy is expected to grow at a rate of 9% per annul.The direct result of this is going to be creation of more job opportunities especially in the urban areas and the subsequent migration of people from rural to urban areas.


As there will be migration,the housing sector needs to ensure that there will be sufficient housing provided.There has also been a suggestion of a subsidy scheme especially on the criterion of a owner of any property.


Woman Interests-

Safeguarding women safety and women interests is of prime importance as there are a number of crimes which takes place against women.The increasing number of crimes have prompted the Government to stand up and take some hardcore initiatives on the same.

The Government had announced the Nirbhaya security fund,but the situation has not changed much.

At times it often happens that the funds are allocated but they are not properly utilized.


The Budget is by far the most important of all the fiscal documents and it needs to be seen that how the ruling Government will utilize the opportunity.







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