Which are the 10 Healthiest cities for fitness buffs in America?

No matter how beautiful is your home it is the location which makes or breaks the deciding factor.However it should be according to your choices and also according to your preferences.We list down some of the healthiest American cities who offer the best of the lifestyle to their citizens.


Salt Lake Utah.

It has the maximum of the sports teams and a large number of active people participation.It has one of the most sporting goods stores and people also love to hike,bike and snowboard nearby into valley skis and resorts.


West palm Beach Florida

This sunshine state has almost 15 percent of its land to green spaces,beaches and landmarks which are ranked in the number 2 category.

With beautiful parks,lots of golf courses and neighborhoods such as Wellington,horse-back riding,polo fields it offers a lot of very interesting activities.


Orange County CA

Orange County boasts of the ultimate green lifestyle with around 42 miles of beaches,sun soaked greenery and lot of sprawling landscapes and also nature parks in and around the country.


There are a lot of coastal preserves also to explore.Almost 14 percent of the land consists of green space and landmarks.


Seattle WA

It ranks 9th out of 100 to the bike to work category.There are picturesque areas such as Discovery Parks,Mount Si,Water trails for kayaking along the coastline.


Cambridge MA

The city hold the record for the maximum number of gyms in the country and when there is no snow the it is an open playground for cyclists.


San Diego

The city ranks 10th in exercise where around 83 percent of the residents reportedly take a walking break to office.



The city ranks number 1 in place where the residents bike and walk to work with almost around 9 percent have walk to work norm.


The Golden Gate bridge is one of the most preferred route of cyclists.


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