How can you optimize your Facebook ad campaign?

You have created a dramatic Facebook campaign all right.But the creativity does not stop there.It has to continue right till the end till the time your viewers become your customers.

Because it is all about hitting the right notes at the right time.


Once you have made an Facebook ad campaign there are certain guidelines to be followed to make it turn into a hugely successful online ad.

We give you some go-setter-


Monitor Ad frequency to manage the exposure-

Ad frequency is normally the number of times a user normally views your advertising campaign.However it should not be too often or too less.

Because if it happens too often they will stop paying attention altogether and will not be interested in your ad.


To optimize it fully you can add a frequency cap to your advertising report and watch how it affects the costs.


Right audience delivery


Matching the frequency of your ad to the right kind of audience is the key to everything.To establish a good brand name it is very important that you have the right kind of audience in place so that you can have a correct strategy for it.


You can start with Audience insights-


You can began filtering by age,location,gender,activity.You can also discover the various interests they are connected to like the household income,activity and the purchases.


Messenger is also an excellent way to garner add-on traffic and have conversion campaigns.

You can also pay a particular attention to your metrics so that you can measure the add camp pains and draw a good conclusion on it.


Build a sales Funnel


One of the main difference between Google ads and Facebook ads is that the type of traffic they create.

The main reason to distinguish is that Google ads are for buying and Facebook ads are for mainly people to click.There should be a post engagement tunnel which targets your most prime customer.The main aim here is to create an initial connection with your customers.

Here is especially very effective and will create the desired impact.


After that create a campaign targeting those who have viewed at least 25% of your video.

After this process you can set up a conversion funnel and  create an ideal conversion content to target your ideal audience.


After that do a follow up campaign also target people who have visited your website.



The algorithm for Facebook keeps on changing and new features keep on continuously getting added.They were be new and engaging features which will keep on getting added and also different tactics and approaches which you will have to change.




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