General Motors to rule out driver less cars.

In the biggest automotive revolution of sorts,one of the biggest firms in the world General Motors will role out the first driver-less cars.It will not have the traditional controls like the steering wheel and the hand-breaks,or the pedals by the year 2019.


It is quite a bold and a huge declaration for the future of automotive industry and will surely shaken up the things in the automotive sector. One of the main aspects of revolutionizing the automotive industry will start from here.

It will quite a great moment if such a car is launched.


Where is the work being carried out?


The car is currently being tested on the streets of Francisco and Phoenix.Once the testing is done it will role of the assembly line on the street of Michigan and Orion.They will soon be deployed as ride-hailing vehicles.

Everybody is going to have a ball of time once such a vehicle comes down on the roads and will prove to be a drastic innovation of sorts.


This announcement co-incidence where they announced their plans of launching their own big autonomous vehicles.


What else is on store for the consumers out there?


GM also provide a sneak-peak into its future cars and how they look from inside.It is like a version of a Rosharch test.

GM motors has also submitted a petition to the National Highway Traffic Safety ADMINISTRATION to run or deploy a car which does not run on the federal safety standards.


Innovations on the front-


A car without steering wheel can have a steering air bag and it can be put equivalent of the passenger side air bag as well.


GM has made its announcement to give out the release of its first brochure to the US Department of State Transportation.


What is the safety assessment of GM LIKE?


It breaks its assessment into 12 different sections-

They are as follows-


Safety system


Operational Design


Object and event detection


Vehicle cyber security


Data recording


Post crash behavior


Consumer education


Federal laws


Testing on the streets of SAN Francisco is more important than that of the suburban testing.SFO vehicles predict a much an average of 32 times as many as possible interactions than that of Phoenix.


Final words-


GM’S first fully driver less vehicles is sure going to impress all the investors which have a somewhat bullish sentiment of the company which is solely due to the unique ability of its products and operations.







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