A bill to increase the allotment of Green card soon to be introduced in the White House.

The Trump administration has been in the news for the past few days owing to the much hyped changes in the H1-B VISA rules.It has drawn numerous reactions from all over the world.While some are positive,some are negative and some others are cashing on the opportunity of the STATES to bring the immigrants in their country.


The debate was going on for many days until following much opposition from various groups and the US lawmakers themselves,the Trump administration said that it is not considering any proposal which would force the H1-B visa holders out of the country.


The National Association of Software and Services Companies had for warned of a disruptive move if it at all take place and will prove to be very harmful for both the countries.

So finally it will not be considering any regulatory change following the rules about the H1-B visa holders.


What’s new in store?

A new legislation has been introduced in the White House.It is pushing for merit based immigration and is soon going to increase the allotment of the issuing of the Green cards by 45 % annually which could be a big booster of the Indian techies.


The legislation is called as ‘Securing America’s Future Act could end the diversity visa program-me and would eventually reduce the overall immigration levels from almost 1 million to 260,000 a year.


According to official statistics,there are about 5,00,000 Indians who are waiting in the line to get their Green card approvals to seek the annual extensions.


What is the H1-B visa all about?

The H1-B offers temporary visas which allows the companies to allow highly skilled migrants working in the areas which has shortage of American workers.

The increase in the number of Green cards is likely to reduce their wait for the number of Green card holders.


Why was such a program me carried out?

It could benefit highly qualified people from India and China.And also a merit based system would mean that it would bring the best and the brightest to the homeland.


This legislation was introduced by the US homeland security Maritime Security ,the House Judiciary Committee Registration and the Border Security Sub committee Chairman.


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