India would soon make way for electric vehicals.

Change is coming and how! In order to contribute towards the environment and make way for a pollution free India efforts are being made to turn India into an electric car vehicle.

2017 was turning out to be a watershed year for the Indian Electric vehicles and now it is soon going to make way by kicking off their EV plans.

In a very ambitious proposition New Delhi even announced that it plans to replace the entire fleet by electric power trains by around 2030.


Where was the idea first started?


It all started with the Niti Ayog Policy document which has charted out a 15 year road map in an aim to attain complete electrification.Shared taxi providers such as OLA and Uber have been looking to tap into the portfolio and ordering of around 10,000 vehicles to upgrade the fleet at some of the its centers.

Owing to all this the Bharat Stage Protocol for Charging was formed to build the outline for future charging stations.According to experts the evolution by which the EV’s will evolve will take a different path altogether as compared to CHINA or Europe.


The main impact will come from various institutional buyers,the government and also who have the shared mobility providers.

However it will take a while for the buses or the two wheeler.


Some facts about EV’S


The global penetration of EV’S is around less than 1 %.


Various incentives have been proposed such as tax reduction on the electric vehicles from 5% to 12 %.


How is the situation to be dealt with in INDIA?


The main challenge is to ensure the supply of electricity to the various but if this initiative is taken then it would reduce the carbon footprint to around 90% and the EV’S will emit around 30-40% lower carbon than the conventional vehicle.


The start has been made.Now it is to seen that whether and how this goes for the production of vehicles.

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