Trump and the H1-B visa.What’s in store now?

Donald Trump has been much in the news ever since he has attained Presidency in the year 2017.Most of them is for his glaring announcements,his take on terrorism and Pakistan and North Korea and one of the most controversial of all,his take on immigration and the H1B visa.


Trump’s ban on the H1-B visa-

Trump wants to restrict the migration of people from other countries especially India and China and uphold strictly the policy of buy American and hire American.

He wants to make his country migrant free and restrict the granting of H1-B visa to only highly skilled workers who really deserve this opportunity.


Following his announcement there has been a severe uproar especially in among the Indian migrants and has caused a worldwide debate among the various communities.

Indians and Asians are the largest of the holders of the H1B regime and the highest employed in the same.

Such a proposed regime has put in a lot of mixed reactions in the Asian community and plans are being made to revoke the same.


The plan may soon get in tangled in legal procedure-


According to immigration lawyers any move to change the regime in the H1-B visa to lead to legal challenges and will have to be of intense reactions.

They also said that this could lead to intense lobbying among the experts which can come together to resolve this contentious issue.


Who are likely to most affect from this move?


The Indian IT companies will be the worst hit from this move apart from American tech giants such as IBM and Google.These are the largest and the biggest companies who employ workers on the H1-B VISA.

Some of them have been awaiting their green card procedures for almost for over a decade or so.

Their plans are to file suits against the new visa policy in order to protect their employees most of them who are mid-level managers.


According to experts the current visa process is quite discriminatory and will not have long term effects on the US-INDIA relations.


Its long term impact will have serious consequences and will have also have a deep socio-political impact if in the worst case people are forced to leave.


What will be the actual impact of the move-


It will lead to a self-deportation of lakhs of workers from the States.


It will lead to opening up of American jobs.


Industry body Nasscom says that the US ECONOMY will heavily impact since it already faces a huge shortage of technical skills and the immigration policy will further aggregate the process even more.


The VISA tightening process

Over the last one year the Indian IT Industry has felt the significant impact of this policy and the rejection rates have risen.


The Trump administration has also stated its intention to re-visit the lottery system of the allocation of visas and also define different special categories.

Measures to block the work of spouses of the H1-B visa holders and increase in the VISA fees may come to pass,the proposal of extension of Green card may is likely to be implemented.



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