Top UX trends in 2018

Having a good user experience is an important part of any technology.In the previous year UX was big right from product interfaces to the on boarding process right to the content which is available through the various digital platforms.


Web based or for that matter any mobile creations should be designed in keeping in mind the user experience.To stay of the loop it is always a good idea to keep yourself updated with the current trends although you cannot ever predict what trends will rule.


But it is for sure that trends will definitely play a crucial role in changing the technology and make way for the evolving design trends in the future.


We take a look at some of the upcoming design trends-


Personalized User Experiences-


Whether it is sending an email or simply replying to a chat UX is going to have an enhanced user experience.The trend will continue with the App and the Web users will have a personalized User experience.A conversational UX is always a winning situation especially in the form of chat bots.

An upcoming trend is the hybrid conversational UX which combines NLP with different graphical elements such as images,videos and also different menus.


Content Centered experiences


You can make a product look awesome by some splendid design techniques but alongside that content is also important.A well-managed and a well-relevant content is a winner all the way.But you cannot just go about writing the content blindly.There should be a correct mix of technology,design and content for that matter to present a correct user experience.

How can you sync your content with design?


Remove the unnecessary design clutter.

Make good use of white space so that the design is correctly placed and can be seen.

Properly present the visuals so that they properly align with the content.


Voice Activated Interfaces

This feature was initially rolled out in the year 2016.Voice activated interfaces have the same value as virtual assistants.

Some of the examples are Siri,Alexa and Google.They have the potential to become interactive design interfaces.

It is soon going to be adopted by the different technologies and is soon going to become the next big virtual reality.


Time-Saving design features

The average span is around 8 seconds and in that minute time your user should grasp your attention.The trick here is to actually save the time and having a unique UX strategy so that you create a lasting impression on your audience the first time.


How to go about-


Design with the correct navigation technique in mind.


Design with the anticipated user actions in mind.


Create an even user-experience design one that having a start,a middle and an end.


It is necessary that you have an amazing User-Experience to have a great number of audience and experience a great design virtually.

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