Amazon-Launches its new innovation policy.Virtual mirror for trying out clothes.

Picture this-

You are browsing through an online apparel portal that has the trendiest of clothes for you to buy.You like the color,the style of the clothing and are about to buy it but something stops you.

What is it?

That whether the money will be worth it? Well that is one reason and the other possible reason is whether it will fit me or not? Or worse of it do sent fit you,you will have to return the garment altogether.


But Amazon is soon going to change the way online shopping works and how! Your problem soon might get over with as Amazon has patented a blended-reality mirror which lets you try clothes virtually at the same time which places you in a virtual location.


What is the patent about?

It is a partially reflective mirror and a partially trans missive mirror which uses a mixture of displays,cameras and projectors which are created to blend into the change.

How does this machine works?

It works by scanning your immediate environment to identify and generate a virtual model.It then recognizes the face of the user and whose objects are to be seen as a recognition.

Once this entire process is over,the clothes are transmitted to the mirror to create the virtual result.


Where does this move of Amazon came about?

Amazon last year acquired Body Labs an AI-software company which is once in the league to create 3D models of human bodies in action and later dress them in virtual outfits.


The software also provides a hands-free video camera which takes floor length camera photos to provide style tips and fashion trivia.


What’s in store for Amazon?


Amazon is increasingly widening its space in the apparel sector and is eyeing a place in the fashion industry which also includes launching its own fashion label and developing algorithms.


How does the mirror displays it virtually?

Fast-tracking mirror and sophisticated software helps it achieve the much needed virtual augmentation.


It is a new product strategy by Amazon which they are going to use.



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