2018 the year of high-tech Smart phones and bigger screens.

If 2017 was the year of dual cameras and longer battery lives,2018 is expected to churn out some interesting smart phones such as large screens packed with virtual reality and also face recognition.


Simply put the smart phone experience is going to get grand and big and almost a new one.With some amazing features it is going to have an almost unrecognizable feature story and also give rise to new age innovation.


What was the year 2017 all about?

In the YEAR 2017 it was all about an extension of an individual’s personality and less about calling.It was more about the high-resolution camera,an on-demand movie screen and also a portable music system.

And all are these tech wonders are which they fit snugly in your hand.


What are the smart phones going to offer something new?

New models were the in-thing this year,refreshing their portfolios with new models across multiple price points.Various top companies such as Samsung,Micro Max and Vivo introduced various services which can offer a better viewing experience to the users.


Indians are by far the biggest consumers of smart phones.


The big hand of AI-

AI has a big hand in rising of the smart phones and it is only going to get bigger and better.They are also making their way to war wearable such as fitness trackers and track watches.

Enhancing of customer experiences is one of the prime factors of increasing the sell of mobile phones.


What should the entire focus be on?


The focus will be on enhancing of the software experience which will allow the users to use more of their devices.


With the various affordable segments being the in-thing at around 8000 it is going to be a sweet spot for many consumers.

Smart phones are going to entirely change how the consumer interacts and and pave the way for a greater technology.



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