Top Tech predictions for the New year 2018

The year 2017 was that of one of the low counts in the technical space.Although it was pepped with cool gadgets and some amazing techniques there is still a lot which is there to look forward to  the upcoming year.

So what will the NEW YEAR bring on the tech front is there to be seen.


Augmented Reality will be the new in-thing.


We are already in a day and age where virtual reality is over-riding us and we are almost used to the new fact. But this is soon going to change for the better or so we can say.This very technology can go mainstream in the upcoming year.And it can go upstream using the very gadget you own and which is very common that is the smart phone.

Augmented reality will soon be the new face of the digital world.It is an enhanced version of reality where the live direct or indirect news of the physical and real world environments are augmented or are super-imposed over a user’s view using a real-world image as almost having a perception of real world technology.


Streetwise Robots


This rise robots will come to the streets.Not to protest but to crack down different crimes in congested areas such as hotels,hospitals and malls or also to deliver packages to different areas.These tech gadgets use a combination of GPS,Sensors and different cameras to navigate and drive through the bystanders.


Smart homes which can receive your package.

Picture this-You are not at home and someone has delivered a package.So who will receive the package? You don’t need to fret about it.Amazon stared off with this theme initially and started off with this category in the year 2017. It is a service which let people deliver the services even when you are not at home.


Gizmo voiced gadgets

Most technology players are working in their most voice assistants. Smart speakers are one of the most trending thing going to be in 2018.In the upcoming year companies such as AMAZON and Google will be vying for this spot.The different gadgets used will be Alexa,Cortina,Siri or Google assistant.


Changes in your internet bill

There will be changes in the way your Internet charges the bill.Some of the companies may charge different prices depending on the faster or slower connections.The repeat of the some of the net neutrality rules may have to changed and experiment with different pricing structures.If you install Amazon or Netflix you could also be charged more depending on your usage or if you have used different social media networks then there could be an additional fee.It would depend on the different reactions of the different companies and also gauge various opportunities to see if there are any sort of competitors.


Google and the new photo apps

Smart phones always focus on improving the camera quality of your mobile phones.Various companies are using Google to take photo computing to the next level.Big improvements in photos are likely to be seen and soon to be measured and taken care of.



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