How to achieve your career goals in 2018?

Digitization has changed the way we work.And soon it is going to change for the better.As technology enters out lives there is going to be a round about change in ho we work.We will have to develop a new ability which will determine the future requirements for both the organizations and employees.


So what will be the new business and workplace environment changes in the upcoming year of 2018?

We take a look-


The Manufacturing sector-


Disruption is the new change. And it is changing the way machines work.New technologies will be emerging in the manufacturing sector such as Drive-less cars,AI,Robotics and shared mobility along with different innovations in the different fields.These changes will have a lasting impact on the working population and also on the career goals of the people who work in the manufacturing sector.

The challenge is the working population will have to upgrade themselves on the technology trends to keep themselves skilled and up skill accordingly.And for this studying the market disruptions is very important.


The Tel com Sector-


The coming will be filled by various significant consolidations,new models of the telecom sector,new models of customer acquisitions models, and also various services.

Also we will have to keep a check on the various consumer behavior and various consumption patterns and how they affect the telecom sector.

The employees will have to be future ready for in various technology roles in large volumes such as IOT,Big Data,Analytic s,Cloud and also Artificial intelligence.


Rural footprint and rural data consumption will have to be upgraded using the conventional telecommunication skills.


Core-Technology sector-

The upcoming year will be defined by the learning agility,different risk-taking and also knowledge seeking.

As the overall landscape changes ,the focus will be on changing the working of the IT environment and also the industry will focus on ‘multi-skilling’ and cross-skilling.

It will be essential to learn about technologies which are outside our domain and also gain functional knowledge in various emerging industries such as fin-tech,social media and also the digital media.Employees also need to gain an in-depth knowledge about the various industries, for eg- SAP.



It is important that the employees in this sector start the New Year with some self-introspection and and also realizing the importance of various cross functional skills.

They must access their skills ans aspirations and also identify their career anchors to help gain an in-depth knowledge about everything.



The pharma industry is going to a phase of drastic transformation with the recent regulatory changes.You have to keep abreast with the latest technological and inventory management tools and also of professional management skills.



All the employees should re-invent themselves to in order to stay ahead of the learning curve and be in the race ahead by equipping one with the relevant skills and technologies.They should invest their knowledge in various other courses such as robotics,IOT,Analytics,artificial intelligence.



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