H1-B Visas -What lies ahead?

The proposed new rules for the H1-B visas are going to be a game changer of sorts for thousands of Indians and their counterparts.Since the time Trump has attained power he is focusing on the rule of Buy American and Hire American to protect the jobs and make the American population employable.


There is going to be a proposed tweak in the new visa rule.What is it all about?


The proposal is being brought as a memo in the Department of Homeland security and is being presented there.The memorandum is about stopping the extension of H1-B workers while their green card applications are pending.


What does the move mean?


This move would mean at-least thousand of employees who are employed on the H1-B visa would have to move back again to INDIA.A large amount of them work in the IT sector and if this move is applicable they will not be able to get their green cards and subsequently cannot go on a permanent residency in the US.

The existing rule however is such that the Government can extended the H1-B visa rule which is allow wed beyond the two-three year terms.


If the move passes forward around 50,000 to 75,000 workers will have to move back to India.


Which countries account for the largest number of H1-B visa holders? We take a look starting from the beginning-








South Korea


United Kingdom
















Why was this move accounted for?


There was a proposed bill in the US which stated Protection of American Jobs.It came into light as there was a an increased breach of misuse if the H1-B visa and violation of trust regarding the visa.


What does the new visa say?

It imposes fresh restrictions on the applying of the H1-B visa which centers around in terms of minimum salary and the movement of talent.

It also prescribes higher minimum wages and also imposes new restrictions on the VISA rule.


The US grants around 85,000 non-immigrant visas every year which is divided into for foreigners for hiring purposes and also for advanced degree courses in the US.




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