Want to crack the Job interview? Here are the pointers.

It is one of your biggest dreams of life to land that coveted job,the one you had imagined it to be.Everyone’s dreams of having a flourishing corporate career and why not so?


It gives you a status in the society and along with creating a name for yourself you also gain a lot of experiences and confidence.But the starting of all is from the time you crack the job interview which most of the time challenging but not difficult.

A job interview is not just about how many grades you scored or what is your percentage?

Its more than that.

How well do you speak?

How do tackle the confusing questions?

And most importantly how do you present yourself before the interviewer.


These are all important apart from all your academic qualifications.

An HR most importantly focuses on two main aspects:your confidence and your knowledge,beyond academics that is.


Also leadership and communication skills are also of utmost importance.




Being articulate

Articulateness or clarity is of utmost importance.Feeling lost or confused are the first signs of turning your interview into a damp squib.You loosen your confidence in the eyes of the interviewer and can make the overall impression a negative one.

What impression it makes on the interviewer?

The person may find you having less confidence.

He/She may feel that you may not stay for long in the organization

You wont be able to give your 100%


But if you are clear in your thoughts,speech and communication it would instantly create an overall good impression and work in your favor.



You have just established a contact with your potential new employer so where can you develop feelings if they know you since some minutes only?

However, in this context it is about the communication factor.Untruthful or biased communication is very easy to point out.

Also, it is both in terms of verbal and non-verbal communication.

Verbal communication is all about how you use words to express yourself.Non-verbal is all about the body language and the tone of your voice.

Communication is all about confidence and conviction.



When you arrive at an interview it is most likely that you will be given a task to complete so as to test your actual knowledge on the job.How you do or rather how smartly you do is going to matter.Smartness comes in all forms.


Whether you complete the given task in time.

How well you complete.

What is the X factor you have that made the task complete?


However, these are the later factors.

Your competence mapping starts from your resume.How clear and crisp is your resume is the first ID card of your personality.For starters begin with minimizing on using overstatements of our achievements or skill sets.

Your resume should be up to date and not over cluttered else the HR will feel disinterested and will leave the resume reading altogether.


You need to create an impression albeit a true and a strong one while going for any kind of interview.



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