Great places to spend the New Year’s Eve.

Its just two days remaining for us to step in 2018.So have you made your New Year plans yet?


Yes for some it is spending time with your loved ones in a quiet secluded space while for other it is having a ball of time and partying away the night.For the party goers and the party enthusiasts we have compiled a list of the top travel destinations to have a ball of time this New Year’s.

So plan your tickets well in advance to ensure you have a great New Year celebration.


Top New Year Travel destinations are-


  • Bangkok

Bangkok boasts of having the best nightlife throughout Asia.It is your by-default choice if you like crowds,parties and music.

The Central World Plaza is one of the most famous gathering spots in Bangkok city.Another popular place is the Asiatique shopping for loads of entertainment and other enjoyment.


  • Dubai

Undoubtedly the Burj Khalifa is one of the most famous sky scrapers in Dubai and also around the world.Crowds gather at the footsteps of the hotel to ring in the New YEAR every single year,.

It is also a major food destination so you may pan to indulge in some delicious food while waiting for the fireworks to begin.


  • Cape Town

One of the most picturesque cities of South Africa it would certainly be your dream destination surrounding by beautiful nature all around.Cape Town wine yards is also a much sought after destination to look for.You can indulge in some Portuguese cuisines also while on a trip to Cape Town.Or how about spending a day at the one of the beaches there?


  • Hong Kong

The Victoria Harbour is one of the most sought after places to experience the New Year fireworks and have a gala time in Hong Kong.

The Star Perry Pier is also one of the most sought after destinations where huge crowds gather and celebrate the New Year’s.


  • London

The Thames always provides a great place to ring in the New Year what with the impressive lightning and celebrations all around.

Also the New Year fireworks are a must treat to watch.You will also be able to see a lot of fire works from the Primrose Hill,Parliament Hill,Greenwich Park,Alexandra Palace.


  • New York

Unquestionably, one of the most famous destinations to ring in the New Year.New York,Times Square.

Even if you are not in person to celebrate there you can always watch the proceedings on the television and enjoy the happiness all around.

Manhattan also boats of one of the most famous new year celebrations and is a delight to celebrate there.

Some other places in New York are



Coney Island,Prospect Park.



Resorts World Casino (age 21 and above)


Staten Island-

EVE Ultra Lounge.

  • Las Vegas

Cannot get enough of the lights and music all around? Head straight to Vegas! The fireworks show is one of the most unstoppable ones to enjoy and ring in the new year.


Some of the other hot-spots are-










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