As the Trump administration tightens VISA rules,Indians opt for the Golden visa regime route.

As is known to all that the Trump administration is on a visa tightening spree of Buy American and Hire American.It is all done with a pretext of facilitating legal immigration to the US.


What does the new rule say?


The latest extension for the deadline of the EB- 5 Visa has caused a new push for the rich Indians who are trying to enter in the States.


Since the time of September 2015 there have been increased efforts by the US immigration rules to change the minimum investment from $500,000 to $920,000.


But there was no immediate action taken and the deadline was to keep on increasing and now it has extended till January 2018 it being the latest.


What does it mean for the common people?


Following this announcement of the plan,there have been around 15 queries a week and about 60 queries a month from India alone inquiring about the programme.Entrepreneurs and students are willing to earn this programme and are wishing to invest at the earliest.Now from here on the investment is likely to get costlier.

The largest of the inquiries is from the US and the Middle East.


What is the programme all about?


This immigrant programme is all about providing opportunities for qualified foreign nationals to get permanent residence y in the STATES by investing in around $500,000 in the projects that will generate at least 10 full time jobs.

Frequent seminars have been doing the rounds after the announcement of the program.There has been a lot of interest in this programme after it was immediately announced.


So why there has been a sudden spurt of interest this program?

The decision of not allowing the spouses of the H1-B visa holders has made people gravitate towards this program.

And so there has been a subsequent increase also in the applications of these programme.


THE EB-5 allows the investors to allow the children under the age of 21 and also spouses to enter into the STATES.


However there is no clear statement as to where Trump is actually clear in this stance.


Where was this program initially created?

This program was first created by the Congress in 1990 to stimulate the US economy through job creation and also capital investment by the foreign investors.

It would typically apply for foreign nationals who are applying for permanent residency and who wish to opt for citizenship.


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