Website Design Trends to avoid in 2018

The way people use a website,interact with each other and exchange communication is constantly changing.As this field is a pretty dynamic one,you need to be constantly in sync with the latest design trends so that you remain on top of your game and elevate your brand to the highest level.


But it also needs to seen that you are not doing what everyone else is already doing.Then your brand wont be able to stand out from everyone else and it also be very difficult for you to leverage across different levels.It is important however that you need to have an amazing website as that is the first thing about your product/brand.


And for that you need to be equipped with the latest technical know-how of the current trends and latest happening in the design industry.


We give you a list of the trends to avoid in the upcoming year-


One Page Design-

This is by far a relatively upcoming and a much adopted trend by the web designing companies.Why? Because of its simplicity and use.It is relatively simple to scroll down a one page website and find out information.It also eliminates the time of the click and saves the user from the navigation part which most of the users are ready to avoid.


So why should one avoid the same?

The main reason to avoid a one page website is that all the users will land on the same page irrespective of what they want.Also as there is only one URL,the Analytic report wont tell you the number of visitors who have visited the sites or you wont be able to tell what exactly the visitors are looking for.


Parallax Scrolling-

Parallax Scrolling is a concept which uses different background and foreground images to create a beautiful illusion through the web page.


Why one should avoid?

It is a great method for product websites but you cannot load heavy content on parallax websites and it wont be feasible also.Chances are also that it could have some impact on SEO.One of the main reasons to avoid Parallax is that it can make your website heavy.


Social Media Feeds

Social media feeds is the real time data from the social media accounts.Displaying the various feeds on your websites is a great way to know your audience about the presence of your business.But there are some downside to it also.

Why should one avoid?

Uploading of various social media feeds can clutter your website making it irritating for the audience.Also too much of social media messages can make your potential clients go away from the website since it will affect your Call to action purposes.

At the end it will greatly affect your website performance also.


Image Carousal

Image carousals are a sure shot way to ensure a heavy dose of visual blast to the audience which is in a way very useful albeit sometimes.

Also they are beneficial for creating engaging users and also for displaying your product.


The downside-

It can slow your website and contribute to a bad user experience.Too much of images can also be bad for the SEO.



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