Plan to ring in the New Year in New York? Here’s how you can avoid the freezing cold.

New Year’s round the corner.

Yes there will be celebrations all around and much enjoyment everywhere.But are you planning to celebrate your New Year’s in the Big Apple?

Then it sure is a good idea.But as you plan to celebrate in America’s most famous city you also have to take care of the freezing cold out there.


Its going to be a test for sure.

Celebrating the New Year’s is going to be test of strength for sure because there is going to be freezing cold temperatures which can get the better of you.

Be prepared for the grand temperatures.But fret not,we will give you the choicest of the tips so that you can have an awesome New Year’s in New York.


According to Meteorologist the temperatures are going to dip down well below and it will be freezing cold for most part of the New Year’s.So be prepared to take out your woo lies.


What is the current temperature in New York?

Right now New York is mostly dry with chilly winds and the day time temperatures around in the upper 20’s.But the Met Dept predicts that the temp around the 31st will be be very very cold almost to the point of delivering snow so experts will have to monitor the forecast slowly in and around the New Year.


What can you do to keep yourself protected from the harsh winds during the New Year?


Take out your cosy woollies

The average temperature around New York is around 28 degrees on the New year’s eve.Take out your winter ware of you want to stay as comfortable as possible.


Layers of wool,silk or polypropylene hold more warmth than any other material especially cloth.


Also wearing several layers can loosen your excess body heat.Wearing water resistant boots are a must but also keep in mind the comfort of your shoes.Once you reach Times Square the crowds will ensure that you are not able to move before the celebrations are over.


Also it will be a good idea to stash away an extra pair of warm socks to change.Your cost should be tightly woven,water repellent and preferably hooded.


Accessory yes but with a purpose

An attractive hat or scarf will add a definite glow to your overall winter look but do it cleverly.It will also protect the vulnerable part of your body from the extreme wind or the dry air.Also prepare to bring additional items in your pocket.There will police security all around and you also have to be careful of pickpockets.


Keep yourself hydrated

There are no portable public bathrooms in Times Square so remember to drink your water and also keep a tab on it simultaneously.Also take care of frost bites and different kinds of illness associated with different temperatures.Also immediately seek medical help if you feel numbness or are shivering for some amount of time.








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