Upcoming business trends in the year 2018

It is very important that as a professional you need to stand on the top of your game and be in the current know-how of the business trends and upcoming features.Also the focus is now shifting from the millennial to the Generation Y from the Generation z population and is getting increasingly dynamic.

As the year 2017 comes to an end it is time to take a round of the upcoming trends and what the future generations will be seeing it in the future.

What the upcoming trends which will be in vogue in the coming financial year-


Live Video Inside Apps-

The live video inside apps is going to be the next big thing which will enter into the media in the year 2018.Live video games will be the next big thing and as of now already 500,000 plus people are into it already.What is going to matter is there are already lot of video games which are entering these spheres but from now onwards a lot of media companies will be entering the same.


Block Chain and Crypt o Currency

Block chain and cry-to currency were the new buzzwords for the entire year of 2017.What started off as a joke went on to become a changing landscape in the financial world and is poised for a much greater growth in the upcoming years.More important is the fact that block chain is the main part of crypt o currency. It is the same as what it did for financial systems as internet is for communications.


Big data and small applications

Bid data will now be the next big thing even in very small applications.Analytics tools are of very powerful nature and can be used for small scale agencies which possible to collect data and improve almost all the aspects of the sales funnel.If you combine this with machine learning then nothing like it.


Smart and Crisp Content

Now it is no longer to creating a content but also about creating a smart and a crisp content.More and more brand will create big and trending content which will be beneficial for the establishment of their brand and will be great factor.



Automation will continue to be the next big thing and its effects will truly be manifold.It will go far beyond the business world,politics,laws and various regulations.But it is not just only about that.


Chat bots

Chat bots are becoming an integral part of our customer services.Making an A-I powered robot is  very important for the marketing landscape in the year 2018.It is important as there will be your target customers and also will help your brand leverage greatly.


PR will be more apparent

Thanks to the new digital revolution there will greatly focus on the PR of a particular company and how it works in favor of the brand.PR will also be more about the trust factor rather than the promotion factor.It will be more about delivering true value to the audiences than about only marketing of brands.






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